Our Mission 

Our mission is to back those in Congress who aide in sustaining the Mississippi agriculture industry by supporting legislation that protects and enhances the priorities of Mississippi farmers.


In January 2020, the Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation launched a federal Political Action Committee, or PAC, after 93% of MFBF delegates voted in favor of its establishment at the 2019 Annual Convention Business Session.

The Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation Furthering Agriculture for Rural Mississippians Fund Political Action Committee, also referred to as the F.A.R.M. Fund, is comprised of Farm Bureau members from across Mississippi who voluntarily contribute to efforts supporting agriculture and rural Mississippi’s friends in Congress.

In a letter penned to all active MFBF members in February 2020 explaining the purpose of the F.A.R.M. Fund, MFBF President Mike McCormick, former MFBF President David Waide, MFBF PAC Study Committee Chair Mike Ferguson, and MFBF PAC Study Committee Vice-Chair J.B. Brown wrote:

“To sustain our industry, we need Congress to support farm bills, fight burdensome regulations, pass trade deals to open and maintain strong export markets, and to support and introduce legislation that protects and enhances the priorities of Mississippi farmers. As farmers and ranchers, we make up less than 2% of the U.S. population. Because of this, it is increasingly important our voices be heard loud and clear in the halls of Congress on the policies affecting our operation.

Not only should we reach out to the members of the Mississippi Congressional Delegation, but we also have to work with other key congressional leaders, committee chairs, and advocates of our industry from across the country to make sure our message is heard.  Establishing and supporting the F.A.R.M. Fund provides a way for us to stand together and help the friends we have in Congress advance good policy for Mississippi farmers and ranchers for many years.

The F.A.R.M. Fund will help these key members defer the excessive costs of running and maintaining a campaign in today’s political environment in order to represent our best interests in Washington.  As people with a stake in Mississippi agriculture, we should make sure the voice of Mississippi agriculture is heard in Washington.” 

Upon launching the F.A.R.M. Fund, Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation members contributed $25,000 in the first month. This allowed the interim PAC Governing Committee to vote on providing support to several candidates running for U.S. House of Representatives seats in the March federal primary during their first meeting on February 28, 2020. Those candidates were:

  • Trent Kelly – First Congressional District of Mississippi
  • Bennie Thompson – Second Congressional District of Mississippi
  • Michael Guest – Third Congressional District of Mississippi
  • Steven Palazzo – Fourth Congressional District of Mississippi
  • Kay Granger – Twelfth Congressional District of Texas

During this meeting, the interim PAC Governing Committee also voted to provide support for U.S. Senate candidate Cindy Hyde-Smith. 

Investment Report

To view the F.A.R.M Fund Investment Report for each year since its inception, click below.

2020 Investment Report

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